Artist Statement

My paintings are often inspired by first composing a collage in which potential subjects interact and share an unfamiliar juxtaposition. In composing the shapes within the painting itself, I develop the collage’s abstracted references to people and inanimate objects by concentrating on a variety of edges, both soft and hard, as well as overlapping edges that intermingle with the background. In flattening two-dimensional shapes into representations of three-dimensional forms in space, I also aspire to create prisms of color within blocks of light.

I believe that these paintings are also a response to a place in my unconscious that deals with living in the outside world, in which there is a multitude of dangers, but also an unknown potential of abundance. So my art making helps me cope and create a time and hopeful space in which to play and ameliorate my fears. By combining imagery from the non-personal world with an internal world of dreams, meditative states, and the comforts of home life, I strive to depict an empowering balance in the daily transitions each of us must undertake.